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A Natural and Progressive Learning Experience for the Whole Child.

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Your child is an original. He or she brings a natural curiosity to life that cannot be taught through curriculum. And modern research proves this. Study after study confirm that children's innate passions are what drive them to genuine learning. That's why we are here. At the Institute for Mindful Learning, your child will:

- Explore our warm, home-like environment through lots of free play and sensory experiences.

- Grow strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills

- Spend more than half of their day outdoors, which is 3x the norm for other schools

- Participate in mindfulness and meditation exercises for true calmness and self-control

- Develop meaningful connections with their teacher and peers, made possible by our incredibly low 1:3 adult-to-student ratio

- See their innocence and instinctual curiosity nurtured, not stifled by a strict lesson plan

- Enjoy an intentionally low-tech environment in favor of real life discovery

- Dive into their interests with zeal, where they form the foundation for more structured learning in later years

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